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i'm an unexpected tomlinson;

Her name was Rose.

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How can I forget your love? How can I never see you again? There’s a time and place for one more sweet embrace and is time when it all went wrong. I guess you know by now that we will meet again somehow…

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Doctor Who Rewatch

↳ Rose 1x01
"I’ve got no A-levels, no job. No future. But I’ll tell you what I have got. Jericho Street Junior School Under-7s gymnastic team. I got the bronze!"
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I watched you disappear in front of me
and now it’s my time to go.

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The Doctor in the TARDIS with Rose Tyler, just as it should be.

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There’s not one moment I’d erase…

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"You can’t"

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"We’ll always be okay, you and me."

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Doctor Who Season 1 Episode 3 - The Unquiet Dead

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