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Dylan O’Brien + arms

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okay tumblr i have a game

take this image and keep adding onto it




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"It’s art, Derek."

"It’s porn."

"It’s us."

Derek raises his head from the copy of Cosmo Lydia left behind and looks at Stiles. “No,” he says before looking back at the magazine.

"Please?" Stiles says, widening his eyes. He pouts a little as well, trying to cover all his bases. "It’d be hot. You could get your hands on my junk."

"I get my hands on your junk all the time, Stiles."

Stiles rolls his eyes and clambers onto the couch, kicking his feet into Derek’s lap. “But this would be forever. You’d have proof,” he says, poking Derek’s thigh with his toe.

"Proof of what?"

"Proof that you own me."

Derek glances over at him, his eyes dark. “I don’t own you.”

"You do, though." Stiles gets to his knees and crawls closer to Derek, pushes the magazine away and climbs onto his lap. "You own me. Like I own you."

"Stiles —"

Stiles presses a finger against Derek’s lips. “Just — think about it? For me?”

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14/50 Billie Piper

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Doctor Who Eras 1-10

All artwork by Andy Lambert. If you’re a true Whovian? Check his art out, you will be shocked and amazed at how brilliant it is!

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