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Orphan Black “Governed as It Were by Chance

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Do you want to write a fan fic?

Come on, what do you say?

Please write one about my favourite ship, make my stomach flip, remember make them gay!

Please don’t write them as buddies… I need ‘not safe for work’, and please do not let them die!

Do you want to write a fan fic?

It doesn’t have to be a long fic…

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They leave. Because they should or because they find someone else. And some of them, some of them… forget me. I suppose in the end, they break my heart.

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I believe you. After everything we’ve been through, I believe you.

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but can we talk about how that new pic of the clones together looks like the album cover for their girl band




with hits like I Want My Life Back, There’s Only One of Me, and more

[felix voice] i’m jus’ sayin’ 

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The Most Epic Oscar Selfie In History

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'Orphan Black' Second Season Trailer: Canada’s Space channel has debuted the first full trailer for its upcoming second season of Orphan Black, the breakout conspiracy clone thriller from Temple Street Productions [x]

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