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i'm an unexpected tomlinson;


*opens inspect element on a webpage* Ive accessed the mainframe

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The question I’m asked most often as a defense attorney is whether I can tell if my clients are innocent or guilty. I don’t care.

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"We went to boot camp before filming Fury. The lack of sleep was difficult to power through: We’d have to be on watch every night, so there was little sleeping. We all lived in a tent. There’s parts of it I probably can’t even speak about. They just wanted to break us down and rebuild us. It made us a family going into filming."

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Bro come on just tuck me in bro you know I can’t sleep unless someone tucks me in man

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"I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and dreamer of improbable dreams

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by Julia Kalvik
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Take off your clothes

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Oh God, I mentioned Shakespeare. I’m such a pretentious tit.

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sleepy hollow meme | 1/1 freebie

favorite cinematography

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